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(2016 update:  I so want to fix this page up!  and I will... Please be patient, some links might be broken or not ideal, and there's so much I want to add!  When I can I'll be working on it, adding new links and pictures!  Cheers!)

Unraku was a Toronto collective of puppet builders & performers, actors & artists.  Though they are no longer performing, you can see occasional posts about current puppetry on their facebook page.
Kelly Kirkham, creator of Kirkham Puppets,  makes fantastic paper mache' & cloth hand puppets & amazing marionettes & lucky rabbits! See her art at
Kristi Holt-Wilson, creator of Knoggin Knitting, makes the most wonderful felted puppets & flowers & fun toys & art, which you can see at And follow her wonderous adventures at
Andrew Young, film-maker, puppeteer and very multi-talented guy, shares secrets & fun facts of the puppet world at
Monty is a squishy, young Sock Monkey, out to experience the world! Visit Sock Monty and see the Adventures of him & his friends at
As seen on TV! Robin appeared on the Steven & Chris Show on CBC on Thursday Feb. 19... Watch Robin tell the fellas how to make a Sock Monkey! A link will be posted on their site at
For a variety of fun patterned baby blankets, diaper bags, and helpful baby cloth accessories including Sock Monkey pattern fabrics! And also lovely jewelry & other fun things, visit
Visit to see beautiful baby blankets, scarves & art. There are even some toys & pictures from The Sock Monkey Workshop!
Robin teaches a variety of different arts part-time & occasional workshops at Art Works Art School, in the Bloor West Village, Toronto. They have amazing art classes for all ages & all skill levels. Find a class you'd be interested in at
See Robin's Angels & Gargoyles photography at
To see some beautiful & colourful, exciting & action packed, fashionable & even stereoscopic photographs, go to, and to follow Derek's crazy adventures, go to
Simply Fine Wine is the fabulous ferment-on premises wine store belonging to Robin's Mom, Dad & Brother! You can make some wonderful, award winning wine, to have at a lovely picnic with your Sock Monkeys & friends! Start your wine today at
For a full on rock show visit! For even more rock, go to MySpace and become a fan on Facebook.
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